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Food Processing Pest Control

Restaurants, Hospitality Establishments, and Food Processing Pest Controld services in Trinidad and Tobago.

Rodents are the most notorious pest threatening the restaurants, hospitality and food processing industries and they must be controlled in food plants, warehouses, restaurants, hotels and distribution centers. Rodents can contaminate food by urinating or placing their droppings on the food, they damage product and ultimately consume your profits and corporate image.

Flies also carry diseases and pathogens such as Listeria and Salmonella that can be spread to humans. Protection of food stuff, raw materials and product in any of these operations is therefore critical for the prevention of diseases, litigation and forced closure.

Cockroaches can also wage war on your food facility because they transmit disease as well, good sanitation and removal of derelict items are critical in the fight against pests.

In order to control these pests, an integrated pest management program must be developed and fully implemented to be effective to manage rodents and other pest activity at a plant. These programs must have buy in from all levels of management and must follow international standard such as ISO, NPMA and other international bodies.

Documentation and the development of a written pest management plans are the key to managing pest problems at a facility, this combined with highly trained Pest Technicians can mean the difference between success and failure.

Food Processing

Coupled with our system mentioned above we implement a number of combined approaches such as:

  • The installation of screens
  • The eradication of harbourage points, breeding sites, food sources,
  • Rodent proofing of the facility
  • Installation of air curtains
  • Installation of automated bait stations and tamper proof bait stations
  • Professional fogging and baiting
  • Installation of elctrocuters, sticky traps and fly traps

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Innovative Pest Control Services can periodically monitor your Restaurant or Food Processing Facility to prevent any infestation.


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