Rodent Control

The rodent family of rats and mice carry various contagious diseases such as Salmonella and Weil’s disease that can be fatal to humans. Rodents also ┬ácontaminate food, business products and their populations can quickly multiply until they are out of control.

Company personnel and individual home owners who may have had an individual sighting of a rodent must understand that in most cases there is a colony already at the location or with plans to move into the neighbourhood.

Rodents at your doorstep can quickly result in contamination of products, risk of litigation, forced closure by an inspectorate, loss of confidence by customers and reduced profit. It is therefore imperative that persons identify rodent “danger signs” early and contact the professionals.

Danger Signs:

1. Damaged goods

2. Smear marks

3. Damaged food stuff

4. Rodent feces

5. Shredded plastic

At Innovative Pest Control Services we train our Pest Technicians to develop adaptable pest management programs that weigh heavily on the identification of the rodents, identification of their living areas and to develop suitable integrated pest management programs that are successful in the early eradication of the rodents.

Incorporated in the pest management program will also be rodent proofing design advice and sanitation assistance. Call us today!


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