Innovative Pest Control Service Limited has been providing efficient and effective pest control and fumigation services to various industrial clients for the past seven (7) years in Trinidad & Tobago, our Supervising personnel have formal training from the University of Florida Research & Education Center – School of Structural Fumigation.

We are dedicated to providing a reliable high quality fumigation service to our customers that is both safe and cost effective. Our Company provides specialized fumigations services for food processors, storage facilities, import / export shipments, equipment and machinery.

Types of fumigations provided:

1. Container Fumigations

2. Cargo Fumigations

3. Vessel Fumigations

4. Warehouse Fumigations

5. Tarpaulin Fumigations

6. Mill Fumigations

7. Food Processing Fumigations

8. Silo and Storage Bin Fumigations

In addition to the fumigation services listed above, we also provide fumigation consultancy services.

Innovative Pest Control Service Limited is dedicated to becoming an industry leader and we are actively improving our innovation, technology, equipment and educational development to improve our effectiveness in managing each clients pest management program.

Fumigation 2-sm
Fumigation 5-sm
Fumigation 1-sm
Fumigation 7-sm
Fumigation 3-sm
Fumigation 8-sm
Fumigation 4-sm

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