Bird Control

The damage caused to machinery, buildings and the general cleaning up of pigeon foulings can cost a home owner or business owner a large financial sum over a period of time. This is not to mention the medical risks associated with family members or employees possibly coming into contact with a transmissible bird disease.

Innovative Pest Control Services Limited (IPCSL) can help protect your property, family, staff and visitors from an invading pigeon problem and the risks associated with it. IPCSL Pest Technicians utilize a host of techniques and devices to essentially make your facility unattractive to invading bird populations.

Our Pest Technicians employ an Integrated Pest Management approach which focuses on achieving pigeon exclusion via proper inspections, habitat modification, mechanical traps, repellents, electronic control, humane bird trapping, nest removal and physical control.

Contact us if you have a bird control problem for our free and comprehensive assessment of your facility. Our cost saving solutions are guaranteed to reduce the invading pigeon population.


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